Rppc postcard dating

Rarity: How many of this particular postcard were produced?

Was it made by a small town publisher, maybe in a small quantity of 100?

Or by a large city publisher, produced in the thousands? It is not uncommon to see two identical cards at a show, with a great difference in asking price.

This will greatly affect the cards collectible value. Postcard grading will probably never be as precise as coin or baseball card collecting, with manufacturers production numbers and standardized price guides.

Topic: Some postcard topics are more desirable than others.

For example, in the Holiday postcard field, Birthday postcards are considered quite common.

Under magnification they appear as very fine dots (much finer than screen printed, shown above right).

If you think about it, cards produced in the 1950's are already over 50 years old!Lighter fuel (highly refined petrol) removes finger prints and dirt from glossy RPs.White Spirit will remove tacky residue left by 'post-it' notes and from 'self-adhesive' or 'peel-back' photo albums.These are mostly pre-WWI and printed in 'Old Germany', e.g. For even greater magnification of a Chromo card see the da Vinci card above on this page.Photogravure is a method whereby a photographic image is etched onto a copper plate and printed from that.

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Although beautiful, and often produced by famous publishers, they cannot rival the value of a Halloween postcard produced by the very same publisher.

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